a sunny day in September

Friday, February 9, 2018

September 27th 2017 - Brühl's Terrace Dresden
After a rainy cloudy summer, we finally had a day full of sun and warmth. It was one day, and it was the last real summer day that year. It had this feeling of nostalgia in the air.

We were already mourning the summer, and yet it gifted us one last day. Shouldn’t we embrace it rather than waste it in misery?

When things seem to end, we are so afraid they will that we become paralyzed by the sole thought of it. And that fear will ultimately make the unwanted scenario come true. One must act in order to change the world around oneself. Nothing can ever be resolved by simply ignoring the fact that it exists, the denial will not make the initial problem disappear.

Sometimes it is better to work towards a new start, even if that means giving up the comfortable circumstances that were supposed to be saved. Something ending does not necessarily imply it is over. Within a relationship over the course of time are multiple stages where an ending does not indicate the end of the relationship. It is simply a chance to start over or to reinvent the relationship, or maybe it is just the room it needs to grow. 

It was a warm day, but it was not hot. One was able to walk outside without a shiver, but would not burst into a sweat immediately. The day was wrapped in an atmosphere of comfort. A promise that the dying summer gave to every single one of us, his return. I embraced every minute of it, in my car when the air conditioning broke down until it ended with blankets and candles in the grass.

Rather than giving up, I promised myself that giving up was not an option. Enjoying the moment while figuring out what is to come is a balancing act I am whiling to conquer every single day. That is simply my take on life. And maybe that will change over the course of time. But for this very moment that is more than enough for a young person. So this last day of summer is fundamentally a guide on how I want to live my life at this point. It means not to worry that summer is over, not to worry something is ending, but embracing every last minute of it and finally awaiting something new with an open mind that is not scared of change.

That sentimental day had come to an end. I was ready for fall. I was ready to accept the change. 

It is all about perspective

Friday, February 2, 2018

Stadtmuseum Dresden

I looked at this blank page. At first, I was scared whether I could fill it with something meaningful, but then I realized all I need to do is to finally start.

After I had graduated high school, everything that followed seemed like this intense decision I had to make every day all over again. Deciding what you are going to do next or the intimidating thought what could be your final profession. School had manifested a certain fear of what was to come. Everything seemed so final.

Günter Fruhtrunk - Die Illusion vom Grund - Albertinum
It is not. One can do much more than what is portrayed at school. When it comes to me, I know I what I ultimately want to do. But there is no step-by-step guide to achieving that final goal. Right now I try to do what seems best for me.

There is not the one right way. One can make a journey, which is created by much more than obligation. My perspective on how my future should look has changed. Surprisingly it took as little as stopping to procrastinate and just start, no matter how difficult the path seems to be.

Stadtmuseum Dresden

So perspective can actually decide whether we will succeed or fail. It is also a substantial reason for my love of art.

There are moments when I do not know what to do next. Sometimes I turn to my bed for comfort, but then there are times I do not want to stay in and hide from the world. So my way takes me to the many art galleries in my city, where I can walk around and enter a world of true self-realization. Here just my thoughts matter. Everything I see can be interpreted by me, in any way. Surrounded by art, nothing else gains importance. Everything seems to shift into place, I gain a new perspective towards concerning matters.

Gerhard Richter - Schädel - Albertinum
This is my very personal approach to escaping reality for a short while. It does not solve the underlying problem necessaraly, but it does give me the chance to take a breath. 

These pictures were taking in two beautiful exhibitions within Dresden, the Albertinum plus the Stadtmuseum Dresden. In my opinion especially the Albertinum is worth a visit with its progressive travel through multiple artistic periods. 


Friday, November 24, 2017

Meeting new people. Doing different things. Experiencing unique moments. Making memories. Living.

There aren't many aspects of myself that I already understand. I believe that life itself is a process of understanding. But I am confident to say I am fairly reflective.
Therefore at the end of every day or maybe even in the midst of it, I just start to think about mentioned statements or moments that caught my attention. It can be distracting, but also very revealing. Understanding my environment does help me to understand myself. Somedays I would even describe this as relaxing, it promotes my self-awareness and helps me to unwind.
After grand life events, negative or positive, it is easy to be overwhelmed. To clearly analyze my very situation, eases me into the unfiltered reality.

Yet the negative side will haunt me right before I want to go to sleep: overthinking. This is a very poisoning activity. One takes a absolutely positive fact, and after overthinking this very fact one will be thinking about it in a absurdly negative way. To overthink seems to twist reality in a ill construct, which consists of lying to yourself and ignoring essential parts of what really is.
One could argue that it is absolutely avoidable, but that is the tricky part. The person that is doing so, will not acknowledge it.
So all I can do is to kick my pessimistic self in the a**.


Sunday, October 8, 2017

This summer changed a lot for me. 
After being set free from my biggest obligation until then, school, I was able to explore who I really want to be. Multiple events over the course of three months have shaped my experience and made decision clearer for me. I am lucky to be able to choose what I want to do with my life. 

If I really think about where I want to see myself in 10 years, I have a clear vision of who I want to be. That is something undeniably important, in my opinion. One should always have a goal that one aspires to ultimately achieve, the way of actually doing so can vary. 
But I have witnessed people around me, faced with the similar decision towards their future, who just can not bring themselves to make a choice for the moment. While I understand such a decision can be life altering, one can not decide to wait for life to make it. It is absolutely necessary to take some time to let a opinion grow and to evaluate all the given options. There is just one thing, I believe is important in this: Do not ever allow yourself to stand still. 
We are able to grow in so many ways these days, that I just want to tell everyone TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. 

The potential is endless. If there is a will, one can do almost everything with a certain amount of work. 

My choices are made. Now I need to work hard on realizing them. And I will. 

Picture credit: Marita Matata

Salmon River Falls

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Exploring places has always been my passion. This year I got to see new places in New York State and it has been beyond beautiful. 
There are so many mesmerizing locations in that area, but today I want to show you Salmon River Falls. 
These falls might not be as majestic as Niagara Falls are, but they are in every way a place to adore. One slowly walks up towards the falls on a trail that is surrounded by trees, and while one is getting closer to the falls the sound gets louder and slightly obstructed views are visible through the trees. After walking down wooden stairs, one arrives at the top of the falls and can enjoy the river and the exiting view. 

After the short walk to the top of the falls, one can also enjoy a cooling dip in the pool of water at the bottom of the falls. Walking there is slightly more demanding, since one has to overcome elevation. The views from the bottom are truly breathtaking and worth every steps of the way. 
Down the road, I really like thinking back to my day at the falls and the little adventure of exploring a completely new area. Since the distance to the falls is fairly short, one has enough time to enjoy the scenery or to spend the day swimming.
I can just recommend!


Sunday, August 20, 2017

This city might just be my very favorite one.
Cities are usually places one would describe as crowded and busy. And while Boston is definitely not different from those very characteristics, it has a way of making one feel significant within that chaos. 
I do not just adore the way old architecture has been incorporated within the modern buildings, but I can just not take away from the artwork that is scattered all over town. To me the buildings feel like a well working whole from a aesthetic stand point. 
This post is meant to accentuate the very structure of this city: the buildings. 

My first impression, when arriving in Boston, were the tall stone buildings. I have been traveling around the rural part of New York state for the two weeks before my visit to this city and it has taken me out of the routine of seeing this king of architecture that I have been so used to my entire life. 

I tried to capture different angles and views. Usually pictures of cities include the people that bring it to life, but it was important to me to portray this from its purely architectural side. 
The aesthetics of a lonely city just fascinate me. 

Everything became too much

Friday, August 4, 2017

It took me long to find my way back to my creative side. When I get sad, since I was able to pick up a pen, I would turn to art as my kind of pain relief. But the past few months have just been too much and I could not adjust to the challenges and disappointments thrown my way. I started to find more comfort in being alone and miserable, then actually spending time with people that love me. My way of thinking was poisoned by the sadness I could not overcome. All of a sudden, everything I associated with happiness became "forbidden" in my mind. I did not want to create this dark aura and memories around my happy places and beloved ones. Now I understand it is wrong to let  the sadness consume you. It is ok to be sad and do happy things.
I am a perfectionist and it took me long to finally accept that life can never be perfect. To wait for the perfect moment means missing out on the memories that have to be created to be perfect.

Respect every second you are allowed to spend alive.
The most important lesson I have learned recently: before you say goodbye to people in your life that truly matter, think about what you absolutely want to them to know. Say "I love you" whenever you can.
Appreciation is key.

Winter Impressions

Monday, February 6, 2017

Winter for me is nothing negative or depressing. Nature is slowing down and so do I. I embrace the calming silence winter brings me every year. The eventful summer, awakening spring and colorful fall seem to exhaust me, and only the cold days of winter can push the pause button. I am talking about those winter days in the beginning of the year. Everything feels so fresh and I am motivated to be my best self. Winter is my time of the year.